Md Sohag Hasan

Web Designer & Developer

Hi! I am Sohag. Founder President of Sohag Web Agency. I am really delighted to get you. Dear, I think you will agree with me in this sector that if a person does a work cordially he generally does not leave that work.

I would like to work with Web Design and Development in this regard I would like to help the other. I have been working in Fiverr and offline with Web Design and development successfully with different people for 2 years.

At last I have established the service and consultancy farm named Sohag Web Agency so that I can help everybody so quickly. Also I am active in different Fiverr and social medias.

Skill Info

  • Adobe Photoshop & Sketch
  • Html5 Css3 and JS
  • Bootstrap and Jquery
  • WordPress and Others CMS
  • PHP and Laravel Framework
  • SEO and Affiliate Marketing

Skill Progress

Website Design
Web Designer 90%
Web Programming
Web Designer 60%
Digital Marketing
Web Designer 80%





Custom Site

We build relationships with you through work

  • School
    Binudpur Ramkomar High School
  • College
    Rampal College, Munshiganj
  • Freelance Marketplace
  • Out Of Marketplace
    Social Media,Ofline Job
    Sohag Web Agency


What Clients Say

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Nice communication, was very understanding, fast delivery, and very good quality. Definantly recommand and will buy again.

Trenton M.

United States

This seller has very good communication and she delivered on time. I really appreciate all the work put into my project. This seller is great!

Tamerlan Ermanbet

United States

It is with great pleasure to work with Saba. Great communicator and delivered my store with high expectations. Definitely recommend!!

Billy Samuelsson

United States

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